Near Death

Near Death

Depressingly Anonymous was extremely upset when we met the day after Labor Day. She felt she died that night. She had been munching away on some M&Ms and her little dog was sitting there getting one for every handful mom had when evidently mom fell asleep and her little dog was still waiting for her next M&M. She awoke gasping deeply, more deeply than her sleep apnea ever made her and she did this four or five times in a row thinking she was dead and had come back to life. She really thought she died. It took her over an hour to regulate her breathing.

Funny thing, she didn’t see a white light at the end of the tunnel. She didn’t feel she needed to change the way she was living. She did not feel reborn. She was scared that she had come so close to losing her life. She thought she had died. That was what she felt. 

She has actually come to feel a loss. A little loneliness.  But hey being a clinically depressed person comes with those perks anyway.

How do you think you would feel? Did she die? Should she feel she has had a second chance at life? Should it have affected her? Would it have affected you?

Let us know. Depressingly Anonymous feels that she SHOULD HAVE felt something. But that also means that she is falling for what people have told us all our lives what SHOULD be the “norm”.  Depressingly Anonymous is not the “norm” by no means nor shall she ever be.


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