Who is Depressingly Anonymous?

Depressingly Anonymous tells me that she, yes, she wants to be known as a woman…she wants people to know that when she is blogging you, the general public, are going to see similarities in her real feelings, her ideas, her emotional outbursts, the raw emphatic real life situations that she is going to share and tell us about MAY actually merge with your own life and get this…these things do happen to other people…THEY JUST DON’T TALK ABOUT IT. Mental illness and physical illness took over her life for the past almost seven (7) years. She is still fighting for her life. Surviving day-to-day…sometimes hour-to-hour. No one knows exactly how to do it. No one. She doesn’t even know how she does it sometimes. There are times when you have to just throw your hands up and say enough is enough and walk away to the bedroom, bathroom, the other room and close the door. Close it out. Shut it out. You can’t shut off your mind but you can shut out the other stuff. Shut it out. Take a breath. Cry if you have to. Breath a little. Make it known that when you walk away that whomever is near you needs to stay away…only for a few minutes…until you open the door again. Well gotta run. Incoming. Won’t have any peace for a while. Take care and be well.

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