Whose Opinion Matters Then?

Depressingly Anonymous called me this morning. A few people had gathered and they were chillaxin’. Yeah doin’ what most people do when sitting around on a Friday night having a few drinks and what not after a long, hard work week. Chillaxin’ ya know? Any way the tv was on and they saw a commercial with a gay teacher and someone who is generally quiet pipes up and says “yeah, we are supposed to be role models for our children, should we have gay teachers?” and she said you just heard a lull in everything and someone said “am I wicked if I say no?” and she said the quiet one said “our opinion doesn’t matter.”

So think about what Depressingly Anonymous just shared with me. Whose opinion is it? How do we get to share our opinion? How do we do it peaceably? Legally?

I think this is enough thought for my racing mind to comprehend today. ┬áDepressingly Anonymous…you really give me food for thought. ┬áThis racing mind of mine reacts the same as your’s and I am sure there are many more of us depressed and other wise challenged in the very same ways and YES even the same thoughts.

Being hailed. Gotta run. Three doggies gotta go out.  Bandit, Prince Pappi, and Haley Bug.

Until later, Take care and be well. Chauncey.

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