Proofreading or editing is an important step in book publishing and Anastasia does a terrific job. She listens to the needs of her clients and delivers a service that is sure to please. Conscientious of deadlines, Anastasia is never late with her work and if there is a problem stays in touch with her clients. I can recommend her proofreading and editing services with confidence.

Recommendation by Conny Manero
August 30, 2017


Anastasia has done several of my books and her work is well above average. They were finished in a very reasonable amount of time. I, as an author highly recommend her and her work, she is very dedicated and very good at what she does, I highly recommend her.

Recommendation by Lanaia Lee  Poet/Author
September 1, 2017


I highly recommend Anastasia for editing work. She’s patient, skilled, and talented in her work where she’s an author herself.

Recommendation by Cheryl Pillsbury DBA AG Press
September 1, 2017


Anastasia edited one of my books for me back in 2007. She did a very good job, her attention to detail was excellent. I certainly needed her expertise, as back then I had a lot to learn. Anastasia was able to help me with my problems, and I think the book became something I could be proud of. I can highly recommend Anastasia for editing and proofreading services.

Recommendation by Anne Rogers
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Anastasia has been a go to for me many times for editing my books, The “Love Laws” Trilogies. She is such a professional, caring, hardworking and easy to get along with person. She will guide as well as listen to your needs, while completing the assignment at hand. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking her services.

Recommended by Ms M. A. Muhammad
September 7, 2017


Anastasia is a great editor. I really had a great experience with her and would like to recommend her skills in that area. I was a client of Anastasia on July 8, 2015.

Recommendation from Mary Meadows
Student at Ohio Christian University
Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mary-meadows-a0427740/
September 12, 2017

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