Chauncey’s Premier Editing Service

No Job Too Big Or Too Small!


Chauncey is a pen name used for this editorial service. The editor Anastasia Cassella-Young is a multi-genre published author of 10 books.

Chauncey understands the importance of an error free manuscript and offers an intensive and thorough edit. Chauncey types 110 wpm, has 25+ years’ experience in the field, has experience with red line editing, and is a self-published author of ten (10) books.

Editing includes, but is not limited to:

  • Capitalization
  • Consistency of character names & their descriptions
  • Consistency of town/city names & their descriptions
  • Flow of dialogue
  • Fragmented sentences
  • Grammar
  • Proper hyphenation
  • Punctuation
  • Run on sentences
  • Spelling
  • Time-line inconsistencies
  • Time presence
  • Verbiage
  • Verb tenses
  • Descriptions in general
  • Light formatting i.e., justification, centering, etc.

Chauncey is well versed in European or English spellings. You must choose.

Chauncey edits and sends the manuscript back to you to review. If corrections are needed she will edit it a second and final time.

Before a price quote can be established please send 10 pages for her perusal to determine the extent of editing necessary. Please send pages to Anastasia Cassella-Young at

Once we have determined the editing fee we will send you a Pay Pal Invoice. Pay Pal accepts e-check, debit and credit cards. PayPal is a safe, secure and trusted way to make payments online.

Unlike most editing services Chauncey uses a FLAT PAGE RATE of $4.25 per page for editing and $2.70 per page for proof-reading. Ten percent (10%) discount to all Cold Coffee Press Authors (must be a member at Please send Chauncey your Cold Coffee Press Author’s Page Link to receive the discount.

Disclaimer: The charge will be $10.00 for very extensive editing, only after discussion, agreement, and payment will the work then proceed again. This is for very extensive editing work which will be talked about and agreed upon.


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